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    My corrupt wife not fit for first Lady, I can finish NPP

    The axiom, “the parent who constantly whines empty threats rears a child who pays no heed”, comes to mind as maverick politician Kennedy Agyapong goes to town one more time with loud bluffs that he would reveal damning secrets that will  destroy the New Patriotic Party (NPP) if he is dared by whomever and for whatever reasons.

    Over the weekend, Kennedy Agyapong loudly recited a repetition of same old  script when he appeared on some Kumasi-based radio stations and this time, he justified his threats against the NPP with what he described a Government-manipulated sabotage of his businesses done under the camouflage of a Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) audit.

    Such periodic threats from Mr. Agyapong have become near clichés and are expected almost anytime someone steps on his raw nerves. He never carries them out anyway and the worst he has done was to mention a few NPP notables and accuse them of one wrong doing or the other- most times his accusations were garnished with insults, personal attacks and claims of evidence of crime he never gave to the law enforcement agencies.


    This was how Kennedy Agyapong explained the alleged sabotage of his business when he spoke with Hello FM over the weekend:

    “I was in Parliament chairing a meeting over the Ashaiman issue when I started to get frantic calls from my wife. It was very unusual so I excused myself and went to listen to the call. She said the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) have gone to my company, Ashanti Steel to arrest the Indian engineers who were working on the machines there.

    “ I said wow, it has gotten to that? I established businesses under President Rawlings, I never experienced this. I established businesses under Presient Kufuor I never experienced this. I established business under President Atta-Mills, I never experienced this. I established business under President Mahama, I never experienced this. And I have not spent money on the NPP government and party more than I have spent on the Nana Addo era yet they are doing this to sabotage and destroy by boniness”, he noted.

    Mr. Agyapong refuted a suggestion by the host that his utterances were running down the very party he seeks to lead as President.

    “How am I running them down? I am speaking the truth and you say I am running them down. I want them to sit up and to check the Ghana Revenue Authority. The Ghana Revenue Authority would make the NPP unpopular. So don’t use the word running down. I am calling business men to rise against it because they are just closing down and locking up people’s businesses. What system allows that? Why is everyone silent?

    “They started to do this against me right from the time I expressed interest to contest the NPP flag-bearer race but I would not allow it. I would rather die with my business. For the youth of this country, I would not allow this. No Ghanaian child can grow into prosperity if this type of system is allowed to continue. So I would put my life on the line, put NPP politics aside and I would  defend this country till death”, Kennedy Agyapong  noted and continued on same tangent.


    Kennedy Agyapong continued to Sompa FM in Kumasi, for another interview where he said if attempts were made to collapse his businesses, he will “finish the NPP” with his disclosures.

    “I am being nice and charitable to NPP (members), they shouldn’t dare me, they shouldn’t dare me….I will finish the party, the things I will say. The things I know that I have kept quiet”, Kennedy Agyapong bluffed.

    He warned that if the persons tasked to cripple his companies are not withdrawn, he will reveal stuff that will also kill the party.

    “You want to collapse my companies because I want to contest. I’m being nice and charitable to the NPP but they shouldn’t dare me. Anybody who tries to kill my companies because I’m contesting for elections, will kill the party.

    “The things I know and will say will kill the party. I’ve gone through a lot from January till date but l have been very nice. If you want to collapse my company because of one person then I will also kill the party. I’m not afraid of anyone,” Kennedy Agyapong added.


    Over the same weekend in Kumasi, Kennedy Agyapong appeared on Sompa TV where he said if he becomes President, he would not countenance corruption and corruption related activities.

    He surprisingly accused his own wife of being corrupt and not fit for a First Lady of Ghana. His  basis of describing the unnamed wife as corrupt was an allegation from him that the said wife had prevented a whistle-blower from mentioning the name of a hospital that someone was stealing money meant for government.

    “A woman I met detailed how a nurse who was attending to her friend’s daughter wrote a wrong receipt for her and how she took her on for writing a receipt of GH¢40 when she had paid GH¢250 at the hospital…my wife who was there with me and knowing me very well urged the woman not to mention the name of the hospital to me, that is why I say she is corrupt. I would have easily called out the hospital in today’s interview in Kumasi

    “She is corrupt, she used to be very principle when she returned to Ghana from the United States…do you know why my wife is corrupt?..how do you change the nation with this. You want to be First Lady, I will sack you without hesitation with this attitude…was that her attitude when she living abroad?” Kennedy noted.

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