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    Most of Akufo-Addo’s constructed roads are on paper – Joseph Yammin

    National organizer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Joseph Yammin has labeled the sitting president Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo as a leader that is boastful of awarding road constructs on paper but has failed to follow up with the needed resources to create impact.

    Reacting to reports of the Deputy Minister of roads suggesting that road construction will be coming to halt because of lack of funds, the NDC leader noted, he is not surprised by the government’s position as they enjoy talk of governance but not the action.

    Speaking on Opemsuo FM in Kumasi, the NDC National Organizer, intimated that the Nana Addo lead administration is beyond a failure.

    “I will not challenge this government when they claim to have constructed more roads than any other government. You see, it is only people who do not know the facts that will accept these things. The NPP under Nana Addo in Ashanti alone has awarded over six thousand kilometers of roads on paper but have only completed just thousand five hundred also”

    “Is this not someone who is a master of road construction, where are the roads in the Ashanti region? Why are people still complaining about their roads”

    “I drove past the Suame roundabout, all the corrugated sheets that were used to cordon off the place have come off, and now the roundabout is bare for all to see. There is nothing happening there”, he revealed.

    He said the government of the day has not taken residents in Ashanti seriously and has been toying with critical developmental issues in the region. Citing numerous sod cutting by the government with no real impacts he fell short of calling the government a fraud.

    “Just in Kumasi alone Nana Addo, Bawumia and Amoako Atta have all come to cut sod for the same hundred kilometers of road. Just go and read all the headlines. It is the same story always but no work to see”

    “I can confidently say, one of the leading contractors Kofi Job who is handling most of Kumasi roads, you go to the site and almost all his machines are parked. why? He is owed by this government” Yammin retorted.

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