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    We spent over $100,000 in promoting Camidoh’s ‘Sugarcane’ song – George Britton

    Artiste manager and publicist George Mensah Britton, has revealed that he has spent over $100,000 in promoting Camidoh‘s hit song “Sugarcane”.

    The song which was released in 2021 gained massive airplay across the world and topped charts through Britton’s promotional and marketing efforts.

    George Britton who appeared as a panellist on TV3’s New Day noted that he had to invest a lot of money in order to ensure that the song reached a wider audience and became a hit.

    He made the comments on the back of a trending debate that has been ignited by Davido after he disclosed the amount he spent promoting his previous album.

    “For now it’s even more, we’ve entered into 100 plus K dollars,” he intimated

    Explaining why it was important to promote a song through investments such as marketing, advertising, and other promotional activities, he said it was wise because making more money entails investing more funds.

    “We want to make a lot of business sense, we also want to touch the world with the music and make an impact. Clearly, if you want to make more money you need to invest more money,” he explained

    According to Britton, the goal was to make Camidoh a viable force competing with the likes of Davido, Rema, Joe Boy and other African heavyweights who had deeper pockets and did a variety of promotional strategies to promote their albums.

    Camidoh’s “Sugarcane” has clocked 6.7 million YouTube streams as of April 2023 with the remix ft Mayokun and King Promise hitting 59 million views on YouTube.


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