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    Yvonne Nelson went overboard in her memoir but I don’t hate her – Victoria Lebene

    Ghanaian actress turned entrepreneur, Victoria Lebene, has debunked the public’s perception that she harbours ill feelings towards fellow actress Yvonne Nelson following her social media criticism of Yvonne’s captivating memoir titled “I am not Yvonne Nelson.”

    Yvonne’s memoir which was released on Sunday, June 18, 2023, has shocked many in Ghanaian society especially after she mention certain influential figures in the book, igniting a wave of online discussions and debates.

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    Victoria Lebene, who is the wife of Ghanaian blogger Nkonkonsa, joined the chorus and shared her perspective on the matter

    “If everyone came out to tell a story of what people have done to them every step of the way, do you think we would be safe in this world or country??? Don’t act like you are a saint when you’re not!” Victoria said on her Instagram story.

    However, Victoria Lebene’s comments did not sit well with fans, who swiftly voiced their disagreement and called her out over her opinion.

    Clarifying her point, Victoria Lebene in a conversation with Graphic Showbiz, said she did not hate the ‘Princess Tyra’ actress despite their falling out in the past due to her husband’s write-up about Yvonne.

    According to the mother of two, Yvonne had the right to voice her feelings however she feels like she went overboard with some of the intimate details she shared in the memoir.

    “I do not hate Yvonne, not at all. I just feel she went overboard with some of the intimate details she shared. I am not saying Yvonne shouldn’t voice out how she felt but she should have been sensitive on how she went about it,” she told the Newspaper.

    She stressed that just as one may seek healing through sharing their experiences, others involved in those experiences might also require healing.

    “It would have been appropriate if she had toned down on some of the admissions she made in the book without giving out such explicit details. This is because the same way you think you are healing, that is the same way the others involved may need to heal from this too,” she cautioned

    Victoria Lebene pointed out that Sarkodie, who was mentioned in Yvonne’s book, has become a prominent figure since the events described and this could affect his family and brand.

    “Sarkodie is bigger now, he wasn’t big at the time. You should consider the person’s reputation because he is a married man with children. The emotions of the wife and the children all come to play.

    She also indicated that not everyone possesses the same resilience Yvonne Nelson might have and that some individuals may struggle with such revelations.

    “It is not everybody that can take such things, I may be strong enough to take any bullet that comes my way but not everybody can. She should have considered all these,” she said.

    In the future, when she pens her book, Victoria Lebene expressed her intention of writing a book that empowers and advises people, rather than delving into explicit personal experiences

    “If I have to write a book, it will be one to empower people, to advise people, I don’t think I want to give a memoir of how I have had sex or how many times I have had an abortion, it doesn’t make sense. But this doesn’t mean I hate her; this is my opinion. It is okay if it’s a strategy to sell the book but sometimes, we should check the sensitivity of things we say and do”, she added.

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