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    NPP Executives Back Tema MCE’s Demand For Mahama To Apologize To Akufo-Addo

    Following the demand by the Tema Metropolitan Chief Executive, Hon. Yohane Amarh Ashitey, that former President John Mahama apologize to President Akufo-Addo and the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) over the accusation that there is a plot to rig the 2024 elections, NPP Polling Station executives in the Western Region have adlibbed that call.

    In an interview that they granted in Takoradi, the Western regional capital, the executives said the former President should do so soonest, in order to avert unnecessary tensions that his comments potentiate for the upcoming elections.

    “Like the Metropolitan Chief Executive of Tema said earlier, it is totally unbecoming of a former President to make such wild allegations about our elections because of the stature that he carries,” said Richmond Amoah, Polling Station Chairman for Ketan.

    Speaking on behalf of the group of Polling Station executives, Mr. Amoah said the former President’s statements, “only prepares the minds of his followers and probably some other gullible Ghanaians to reject the outcome of the 2024 elections and this is dangerous.”

    Earlier, the Tema MCE, Hon. Yohane Amarh Ashitey had made a similar call, after the former President alleged at a meeting with his party, the National Democratic Congress (NDC)’s Tertiary Education Institutions Network (TEIN) in Kumasi that President Akufo-Addo is plotting to rig the 2024 elections.

    According to the former President, Akufo-Addo is plotting to use the Jean Mensah-led Electoral Commission to do the rigging, citing the EC’s intent to insist on using only the Ghana card as voter registration document.

    Adding to the MCE’s concern, the group of polling station executives pointed out that the former President had made the allegation without providing any proof whatsoever.

    “If a party serial caller or foot soldier had made such a comment, it could have been ignored, but coming from a former President makes it dangerous for this country,” said Mr. Amoah

    He lamented that the statement also unjustifiably attacks the Electoral Commission which is a national security asset.
    “The claim has been made and it is dangerous, however, I believe that an apology from former President Mahama can help deodorize the atmosphere and spare us all the unnecessary tension,” he said.

     Meanwhile, the polling station executives were full of praise for the Tema MCE for taking on the former President over the allegation.

    “This is what statesmanship is all about; speaking truth to power no matter who it is in the interest of the collective good of our country,” Mr. Amoah said on behalf of the group.

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