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    Police met, paid Journalists before release of Dampare Tape – Adom Otchere alleges

    Allegations are emerging from Good Evening Ghana that the Police Administration met some journalists and paid them to amplify content of a leak tape.

    Host of Good Evening Ghana Paul Adom Otchere claims to have evidence of money paid to the journalists when they were met at the police headquarters by the Director of Finance of the Police in respect of publications about the leak tape.

    The leaked tape, which surfaced on July 11, allegedly involves a prominent police commissioner and some leaders of the governing New Patriotic Party plotting to remove the IGP. 

    But according to Paul Adom Otchere, some journalists whose list he claims to have obtained were met by the police before the break of the leak tape and paid to push it. 

    “I have the list of Journalists and the amount paid to each of them and will be pushing it to the Ghana Journalists Association”.

    Mr. Adom Otchere alleged that there is tension within the police service as a result of the divisive leadership qualities of the IGP by creating an elite force.

    The journalist cited his own experience with the police commander of the Airport after an arrest. Mr. Adom Otchere cited instances when the elite forces loyal to Dampare have engaged in alleged extra Judicial killings of some Tamale civilians in November 2022 which is the subject of a Habeas Corpus court order in Tamale.

    Mr. Adom Otchere vowed to follow up to ensure Dampare complies with the law. 

    Leaked Tape and Government 

    The leaked tape which was recorded before the Assin North by election indicated that IGP Dr. Dampare could impede efforts to manipulate the outcome of the 2024 elections. The discussants urged for the removal of the IGP.

    But In response to these claims, the Interior Minister, Ambrose Dery, addressing a press conference in Parliament on Tuesday, dismissed the allegations, urging the public to disregard them as baseless and unfounded.

    He maintained that there is no such plot against the Inspector General of Police, emphasizing the importance of upholding the integrity and independence of the police force during the electoral process.

    “Tapes will be useful if they relate to a crime, but otherwise No. But I haven’t made that determination whether this is criminal or not. Let me make it absolutely clear that this government is not going to tamper with the 2024 elections. The president does not want to stay one more hour beyond his term. We also want to make sure that we have a free and fair election,” he said.


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