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    Most ‘Powerful’ Woman in Ghana’s Tech Industry on Hard Truth about Choosing a Career in IT

    Farida Efua Bedwei, a renowned Software developer and co-founder of Logiciel Company Ltd has revealed the realities of a software developer in an interview with popular chat show “Ghana Yenso Mu”.

    According to the celebrated entrepreneur and disability rights advocate, the dexterity of a programmer stems from not only the desire to venture into IT, but a thorough appreciation of the dynamics of software application development.

    Miss Bedwei, further explained that besides having the cognitive acumen to go through an Information Technology education, one must be prepared to devote much time to putting together codes guided by the discipline of IT to create applications that can solve real time problems in society.

    “Just as I would not go and stand before a judge to defend a person in court, because I have merely read a couple of Law books, students in the tech space should not be rushed into developing apps in their first year of training.

    “Most often than not, some tout themselves as developers whereas, their apps cannot contain even 5,000 users at the go when it goes operational. This is because, a lot of them do not understand the architecture and backend design of an application software (Apps). So, it’s important that persons who decide to take this career path embrace the entirety of the practice,” Farida Bedwei explained.

    On another score, the Miss Farida Efua Bedwei, observed that the youth, particularly, females have largely explored the technology industry in the past decade, to take advantage of the myriad opportunities that exist in the sector.

    Watch full interview in video below..

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