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    Ghanaian Lady In U.S Army Roasted After Advising Young People Not to Rush to Travel Abroad

    A Ghanaian U.S. Army officer known as Ama Koranteng has warned the youth in the country not to rush and travel abroad because things are not rosy over there.

    According to her, the life Ghanaians living abroad portray online is mostly exaggerated and the fact is, most of them are struggling to make ends meet abroad.

    Speaking in an interview, she said young people in Ghana should not put all their hope in travelling abroad to make it as it’s not easy to survive over there.

    She said if you have something doing in Ghana that lets you get by, you should continue doing it.

    Watch her video below…

    Netizens reacted to her video by blasting her for travelling abroad and trying to discourage others from doing same.

    “Come and join the Ghana Army, why joining the US Army instead, nothing is easy everywhere,” one netizen wrote.

    Another added: “Why didn’t she join Ghana Armed Forces?”

    Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com

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