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    Ghanaian in US alerts FBI, IRS, and agencies about Cecilia Dapaah’s $1M disappearance

    The troubles faced by the former Minister for Sanitation and Water Resources due to the ongoing issue of stolen money from her residence seem to be intensifying with each passing day.

    The most recent challenge she has encountered involves a report submitted to several US government institutions, urging an investigation into suspected money laundering activities.

    This complaint specifically focuses on a sum of US$1 million, which is part of the alleged stolen funds from her private residence by domestic workers.

    Grace Loki, the individual who filed the petitions, expressed her lack of confidence in the Ghanaian government and its institutions to conduct a thorough inquiry into the matter. She has taken her concerns to multiple US government bodies including the FBI, the Federal Reserve, Treasury Department, and the DEA, all of which have a vested interest in matters related to money laundering. Loki’s motivation stems from her belief that the Ghanaian government, under Nana Addo’s leadership, might not ensure a fair resolution to the situation.

    During an interview on OBGhPage’s Facebook Live, Loki emphasized her determination to see that if the former minister owns any property in the US, it undergoes investigation by the IRS and appropriate taxes are paid. She argued that everyone, even those who win lotteries, are required by law to pay taxes on their dollars.

    The controversy surrounding Ms. Dapaah is compounded by a recent report indicating that some domestic workers employed by the ex-minister are facing charges for allegedly pilfering sums of US$1 million, €300,000, and GH¢350,000.

    Furthermore, the former minister and her spouse are reported to have suffered material losses, including GH¢95,000 worth of clothing, US$35,000 worth of handbags, US$1,400 worth of assorted perfumes, US$95,000 worth of assorted jewelry, and GH¢95,000 worth of assorted Kente fabric.

    In the midst of public outcry, allegations of corruption, and concerns about money laundering, Paul Adom-Otchere, host of “Good Evening Ghana” on Metro TV, attempted to provide an explanation for the source of the funds. He mentioned that $800,000 out of the stolen $1 million belonged to a deceased brother of the former minister, Nana Akwasi Essan II.

    However, Grace Loki, who resides in Bantama, Kumasi, where Madam Dapaah and her family originate from, finds this explanation unconvincing. She shared that she personally interacted with Nana Kwaku Nantwi, the late brother mentioned, not more than two years ago when he was facing financial difficulties. This makes her skeptical about the existence of the claimed $800,000 sum.

    Amidst these controversies, Cecilia Dapaah resigned from her ministerial position, citing her desire to prevent the issue from becoming a distraction to the government.

    The Office of the Special Prosecutor, having received various petitions against Dapaah, detained her for questioning in relation to corruption-related matters. Subsequently, she was granted bail after a search was conducted at her residence.

    Meanwhile, Irene Kensah, the wife of the deceased brother of the former minister, expressed her surprise at the existence of such a large amount of money prior to her husband’s passing. She has instructed her legal representatives to initiate proceedings to recover the sum as part of her share in her late husband’s assets.

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