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    Neighbor speaks: Cecilia Dapaah’s brother wouldn’t lack fuel with $800,000

    The elaborate scheme orchestrated by Cecilia Dapaah and her associates to implicate her late brother in the $800,000 scandal appears to be unraveling.

    The widow of Cecilia Dapaah’s deceased brother was the first to step forward, revealing in an interview that she had no knowledge that her late husband had shared such a substantial amount of money with the former Minister of Sanitation and Water Resources.

    The widow of Cecilia Dapaah’s late brother has enlisted legal assistance to ensure the money is returned to her.

    Additional neighbors familiar with the late chief, known as “Nana Antwi,” have emerged to clarify his identity.

    One of these neighbors is Grace Loki, who asserts personal acquaintance with Cecilia Dapaah. Ms. Loki’s support for Cecilia Dapaah’s late brother stems from her personal connection with him, and she refuses to remain silent as Cecilia Dapaah tarnishes his reputation to explain her unexplained wealth.

    “It pains me that a deceased man is being entangled in this scandal by his own sister, Cecilia Dapaah. We shouldn’t speak ill of the departed, so I cannot stand by as Cecilia Dapaah tarnishes her brother’s name. I must clarify things for people to understand why I’m determined to expose Cecilia Dapaah’s falsehoods.”

    According to the neighbor of Cecilia Dapaah’s late brother, it is unjust for Cecilia Dapaah to besmirch her late brother’s memory with falsehoods.

    Speaking from the United States, Grace Loki emphasized, “There’s no way someone with $1 million would run out of fuel and I’d have to send him money.”

    “With all due respect, if Kwaku Nantwi had money, he wouldn’t run out of fuel for me to buy him fuel. I know for a fact he didn’t possess that money. No one with $800,000 would run out of fuel at Santase roundabout.”

    “Kwaku Nantwi was a cobbler who lived across the street from us and would sometimes run out of fuel at Santase roundabout.”

    Grace recounted her experiences with the late Nana Kwaku Nantwi, highlighting his skill as a proficient cobbler they all relied on when he was alive.

    “Kwaku Nantwi was skilled at repairing second-hand shoes. He could expertly mend your shoes. So yes, I would say he was skilled, as repairing second-hand shoes wasn’t common back then.”

    Additionally, Grace Loki has filed a petition with US authorities, citing her greater confidence in US institutions’ ability to thoroughly investigate the matter compared to the Ghanaian government.

    In an interview with OBGhPage’s Facebook Live, Loki stated her belief that the money raised suspicions of money laundering. She wants to ensure that if the former minister owns any property in the US, it undergoes investigation by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and appropriate taxes are paid. She argued that everyone, including lottery winners, is required to pay taxes under US laws.

    Cecilia Dapaah recently stepped down as Minister for Sanitation and Water Resources when it was revealed that $1 million, €300,000, and GH¢350,000 had been stolen by her household staff, funds she kept at home. While the case remains under investigation by the Special Prosecutor’s office, the Attorney General has also confirmed its involvement in the case.

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