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    NPP Executives Applaud Bawumia for Mature Politics

    Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has come up for applause over his style of politicking ahead of the ruling New Patriotic Party’s presidential primary in November.

    Some appreciative executives of the party who are keen on ensuring that the campaigns do not derail the party’s unity, point out that of all the ten people contesting for the party’s 2024 presidential ticket, Dr. Bawumia has been the most issues-focused and decent.

    “His Excellency the Vice President has not been ethnocentric, like some people have openly been, he has not been mudslinging like others have done; all he has focused on is showcasing his selling points,” said Nene Ofoe-Teyechu Agbadiagba lV, the party’s Chairman for the Tema East Constituency.

    According to him, “this is the mark of maturity that only people with true leadership and character possess.”

    Nene Ofoe-Teyechu Agbadiagba lV was speaking on the sidelines of a nomination filing process by the Tema Metropolitan Chief Executive (MCE), Hon. Yohane Amarh Ashitey, who is putting himself up to contest on the party’s parliamentary ticket for the 2024 elections.

    And Hon. Yohane Amarh Ashitey is sure to bear the ticket because he is going unopposed.

    At the event, the signs of the party’s massive support were all over with a huge throng of NPP faithful turning up to provide him support. According to Nene Ofoe-Teyechu Agbadiagba, Dr. Bawumia has made himself even more appealing to party delegates because of his genteel and clean style of politics.

    “Of all the candidates in the race for the 2024 presidential ticket, Dr. Bawumia is the one who has suffered the most abuse and attack from his own fellow NPP members; it is very sad, but what warms the heart is that through it all, he has kept his language clean and focused on getting his message through without even responding to the attacks.”

    Of all the candidates, the most offensive has been Kennedy Agyapong, MP for Assin Central and for some reason, Mr. Agyapong has focused his bile at Dr. Bawumia, accusing him among other things of sinking the economy.

    Also, the team of former Trade Minister, Mr. Alan Kyerematen, has focused all energies on a tribal slant, in which Alan is marketed as an Ashanti whose turn has come to lead the party simply because the Ashanti region is the NPP’s stronghold.

    Mr. Seth Agyapong, alias Shadow, a party delegate who also spoke to journalists on the sidelines of nomination filing process in Tema, warned that the attacks that are being directed at Dr. Bawumia will come round to bite the party.

    “Whether they like it or not, Dr. Bawumia will be the NPP’s next flagbearer because the overwhelming majority of delegates, including myself, are with him. So now that you are attacking him this way, don’t you think that you are arming the NDC with bombs against your next flagbearer?” he asked rhetorically.

    Mr. Agyapong also pointed out that in the 2024 election, whoever wins will campaign on the record of the current government and therefore saying that Dr. Bawumia has failed the economy is saying that “the record on which you would campaign if you were to become flagbearer is tainted.”

    He praised Dr. Bawumia for his maturity pointing out that through it all, all the Vice President has done is rather attack the NPP’s main opponents, the NDC.

    “I will desist from the politics of insults and continue to demonstrate high level of political maturity, His Excellency the Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia and other presidential candidate aspirants deserve to be applauded for their high level of political maturity, we must continue to cement unity in NPP and galvanize more support for mega victory in 2024”. Yohane Amarh Ashitey said to thunderous applause from the huge gathering.

    On his part, Hon. Charles Amos, a former Assembly Member for the Padmore Electoral area in Tema Community One and a leading member of Tema East NPP said, “Hon. Yohane Amarh Ashitey was a footballer and selling food items at the Abomosu market in Tema Manhean, he worked at his grandmother’s chop bar before becoming a fishmonger, he was a truck pusher for a while and very humble. He was also a fisherman for several years whiles studentizing at the same time, he acted as the head-porter of the family by carrying fish and other food items to the market, something which is known in the local Ghanaian parlance as “kayayoo”.

    He has a unique brain power and because he is mathematically inclined, he did calculation oriented courses at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Kumasi, Beckton University of East London and was at JICA/NTT NEOMEIT KYUSHU CORPORATION in Japan with Telecommunications as his area of specialization, he was a University lecturer in Engineering Science and Engineering Mathematics at the Cavendish College in East London, United Kingdom.

    He was also a lecturer at the ALL NATIONS UNIVERSITY COLLEGE in Koforidua, he was a Ghana Telecom Engineer, a manager at VODAFONE-Ghana and a director of HUAWEI, he has been a board member of several organizations and occupied many managerial positions before he became the Tema Metropolitan Chief Executive. I am a close friend of his parents since my days as a sea-man over forty years ago, so I knew Yohane Amarh Ashitey when he was a little boy. I think he was born in 1978.

    His performance at TMA is one of the best, his human relationship is excellent and his God-fearing nature too is admired by many. He is a financier of the party and was an NPP co-ordinator at sea light. He has been able to unite the party and when he declared his intention to contest in Tema East, I and many party supporters and executives went on jubilation, in fact, the whole constituency went agog because of the candidature of Hon. Yohane Amarh Ashitey, he is going unopposed because he is the best to win the Tema East parliamentary seat.”

    “Many people admire him so much for his brilliance and spirit of humility. He is liked by the Clergy, the Christian and Islamic communities of Tema as well as traditional rulers.

    Since he became the Tema MCE, he has been able to provide jobs for the youth, improved education, health, sports, environmental sanitation and infrastructural development among other things, we will use him as our parliamentary candidate to whip the NDC like a primary school child”. Hon. Charles Amos said.

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