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    ECOWAS military leaders convene in Ghana to discuss Niger intervention strategies

    Army chiefs from across the West African regional bloc, ECOWAS, are set to convene in Accra later this week.

    The meeting’s focus, according to a BBC report, is the discussion of a potential intervention in Niger, where a coup by a junta took place last month.

    The previous meeting of these army chiefs occurred in the Nigerian capital, Abuja, two weeks ago. During this gathering, there was an emphasis on diplomatic solutions with the junta, while keeping the military option on the table.

    This upcoming meeting was initially postponed due to technical reasons. However, it remains a topic of debate, as there is significant opposition to military intervention in Niger, particularly in northern Nigeria and within Ghana’s political landscape.

    Over the weekend, hopes for a diplomatic resolution to the Niger crisis emerged following a meeting between Gen Abdourahmane Tchiani, the head of the junta, and a group of influential Islamic clerics.

    The junta recently announced their intention to charge democratically-elected President Mohamed Bazoum with treason, asserting that they possess sufficient evidence for prosecution. This move has been criticized by ECOWAS and the UN.

    Additionally, the leader of neighboring Mali’s interim military government revealed that he had a phone conversation with President Vladimir Putin concerning the crisis in Niger. Putin reportedly emphasized the importance of a peaceful resolution in Niger to ensure greater stability in the Sahel region.

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