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    Travel Diaries Series: David Oscar Tours Historical German Town Dresden

    Ghanaian musician David Oscar Dogbe is known for his infectious blend of Afrobeats, reggae, and dancehall. But he's also a world traveler with a passion for history.    

    In what has been dubbed the first episode of his travel diaries series, David Oscar takes us to Dresden, Germany, a city with a rich and complex history.    

    Dresden was once the capital of the Electorate of Saxony and a major center of art and culture. But it was also heavily bombed during World War II, leaving much of the city in ruins.   

    Decades after total destruction of the city, Dresden has been rebuilt, but it still bears the scars of war.    

    David Oscar spent his holidays exploring Dresden, visiting its many historical landmarks, including the Zwinger palace, the Semperoper opera house, and the Frauenkirche, translated into English as 'Women‘s Church'..
    He was particularly impressed by the Dresden Frauenkirche, which was destroyed in the bombing but rebuilt to its original design.    

    In his estimation, it passed for "a symbol of hope and resilience" for the city as he posed by the statue of Protestant Reformation icon, Martin Luther King.  

    David Oscar also enjoyed sampling the local cuisine, including Dresdener sausages and Eierschecke, a traditional cheesecake.   

    He said he was "blown away" by the food in Dresden and would definitely recommend it to other travelers.   

    Overall, David Oscar had a great time exploring Dresden and learning about its history. He said it was a "fascinating city" with a lot to offer visitors.    

    In addition to his travel diaries series, David Oscar is also working on his upcoming musical Concert “Reggae Spot” in Koforidua, Ghana in November.   

    The sensational musician hints of a mix of performances of his own records and classics from the likes of Bob Marley, Lucky Dube, Gramps Morgan etc with a few surprises thrown in for good measure.    

    Follow David Oscar Dogbe on his social media handles and website    www.davidoscardogbe.com  to enjoy his music and travel adventures.

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