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    Utility tariffs will reduce if exchange, inflation rates remain stable – PURC

    For Ghanaians, so far as utility tariffs review is concerned, the adjustment is always upward. However, the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) says all hope is not lost when it comes to tariff reviews.

    According to the Commission’s Executive Secretary, Ishmael Ackah, Ghana stands a chance of having its utility tariffs reduced and not increased per usual.

    For this to be achieved, however, he said the exchange rate and inflation rate must remain stable or experience a drop in its figures.

    “So our hope is for the exchange rate to remain stable or even fall if possible. Inflation would remain stable or even if it will go up, not so much like the June level. If some of these things happen, we will reduce the tariffs,” he said on JoyNews’ PM Express.

    Speaking about the quarterly review of utility tariffs, Mr Ackah said the purpose was to track and incorporate changes in key factors used in determining natural gas, electricity and water tariffs.

    He also explained that the mechanism aims to ensure that the public is not overburdened with a heaped-up increment at a go after years of no review.

    On Tuesday, August 22, the PURC announced an increase in electricity and water tariffs by 4.22 % and 1.18% respectively, effective September 1, 2023.

    A statement, the PURC noted that, “The Commission however approved a 4.22% increase across board in the average end-user electricity tariff for non-lifeline residential customers.”

    It added that, “For the average end-user for water, life-line customers will experience no increase or change in tariff. The Commission however approved a 1.18 % increase in tariff for all other water customer group”.


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