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    Alan to quit NPP race after poor show in Super Delegates Conference?

    Former Trade Minister Alan Kyerematen is considering announcing his withdrawal from the November 4 Presidential Primary following what has been described as an unexpected poor show in the recently-held Super Delegates Conference, a source close to the Alan Campaign has revealed.

    Alan Kyerematen, who has scheduled an address on Tuesday, September 5, polled 95 out of 961 in the NPP Special Delegates Conference to place a distant third behind Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, who polled 629 (68.15%), and surprisingly, Kennedy Agyapong, who got 132 (14.30%) to come second.

    Many had expected the three-time flagbearer aspirant to perform well in the primaries, but placing a distant third behind Dr. Bawumia, and surrendering even the 2nd spot to Kennedy Agyapong appears to have rocked the campaign plans for the former Trade Minister.

    Ahead of Mr. Kyerematen’s address on Tuesday, a highly-placed source in his camp has revealed options they are seriously considering, including withdrawal from the race.

    “We have had extensive review of the Super Delegates election, and to be honest, the numbers we registered across the country in the Super Delegates, were not what we expected,” the source said.

    “Even though we have publicly expressed our displeasure with the process, the reality is that things are not so good on the ground, and we have to honestly admit and take bold decisions.”

    Among the options, the source disclosed, are “withdrawing completely, withdrawing to team up with another candidate, or continuing with the process, which doesn’t really look good for us.”

    “We have extensively analysed all the three and many, which I am included, are of the view that Chief Alan should withdraw, but we are not sure whether to withdraw and stay on the fence, or withdraw and stay one the fence.”

    The source disclosed there have been discussions with other candidates “who didn’t do well” about possible mergers, but no firm decision has been taken yet.

    “Chief will speak tomorrow, and all options are open, but don’t be surprised if he announces his withdrawal tomorrow.”

    The source also revealed that many in the Alan Kyerematen camp, especially coordinators across the country, are disillusioned by the meagre votes Alan recorded across the country, and are also in favour of “withdrawal now, to avoid more humiliation in November”.

    “I am one of the vocal people who support the withdrawal because it will achieve two things; send a strong protest about our complaints in the Super Delegates, and also save us from another humiliation in November,” he said.

    “Others, who think it will be politically incorrect for Chief Alan to withdraw regardless of November’s outcome, want us to go ahead and participate, but for some us, the reality is so obvious. We will analyse and take a final decision ahead of the address tomorrow.”

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