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    Guarantors who help register minors, foreigners will be prosecuted – EC

    The Electoral Commission (EC) has announced that it will be going after guarantors who assist minors and non-citizens register to have their names in the voter register.

    According to the EC Chair, Jean Mensa, such individuals will be made to face the full rigor of the law when caught.

    “We use this opportunity to caution guarantors from guaranteeing for minors and non-citizens.

    “In the past, they got away with this. This time, we intend to compile a list of defaulting guarantors and bring them up for prosecution,” she said during a press briefing on September 18.

    The EC today engaged the press to update the public on the Limited Voter Registration Exercise.

    The Electoral Commission (EC) began the limited voter registration exercise in its municipal and district offices nationwide on September 12, 2023.

    The purpose of the exercise is to enroll all citizens who are 18 years and older and of sound mind onto the electoral register, as mandated by the 1992 Constitution. This 21-day registration period is set to conclude on October 2, 2023.

    Meanwhile, the EC notes that a total of 15,000 voters have been expunged from its voter register.

    The Chairperson of the Commission, Jean Mensa, noted that these individuals were found to be ineligible voters, i.e., minors or foreigners.

    “Our experience with the 2020 registration exercise revealed that attempts by minors and foreigners to illegally get on our roll and it took great time, effort, and money to expunge them from our register. In all, we succeeded in deleting the details of 15,000 persons from our register.”

    According to Madam Mensa, this justifies the Commission’s decision to limit the documentation for identifying a person’s citizenship to the Ghana Card for the ongoing exercise.


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