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    #Throwback20: David Oscar Reminisces on Fond Memories with Top Ghanaian Stars

    Ghanaian actor and musician David Oscar Dogbe took a trip down memory lane on Facebook today, sharing photos of himself with some top celebrities from back in the day.

    The hashtag #ThrowbackTwenty was aptly chosen, as the photos featured stars who were at the peak of their careers in the early 2000s.

    Some of the notable celebrities featured in David ' post include the late Castro, Mama Paulina, Ben Brako, Ama K Abebrese, Nana Ama McBrown, Joselyn Dumas, Nana Tornado among others.

    The photos captured a variety of moments, from backstage at shows to intimate gatherings with friends.

    In one photo, David Oscar is seen with veteran highlife musicians Mama Paulina and Ben Brako as judges for ‘Born Stars’ a reality show that aired on defunct Viasat 1.

    All three artists were proud to groom young talents, and their smiles reflect the joy and excitement of the occasion.


    In another photo, David Oscar is seen posing with Becca at a live show. The two musicians are clearly in their element, and the photo exudes a palpable sense of energy.

    Other photos in the post, show David Oscar Dogbe with Ama K Abebrese, Nana Ama Mc Brown and Joselyn Dumas, three of Ghana's most popular actresses at the time.

    The actresses in separate snapshots with David Oscar are seen having a good time, and their genuine bond is evident.

    Oscar’s post is a heartwarming reminder of the golden age of Ghanaian music and entertainment.

    It also depicts the strong friendships that he has forged with some of Ghana's biggest stars over the years.

    The post has garnered a lot of attention from fans, with many commenting on the nostalgia that it evokes.

    Some fans have also shared their own memories of the celebrities featured in the photos.

    In the meantime, David Oscar is gearing up for his upcoming annual concert “Reggae Spot” slated for November, 11, 2023.

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