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    God has given pastors the power to cripple people – Nigel Gaisie claims

    Founder and leader of Prophetic Hill Chapel International, Prophet Nigel Gaisie, has shed light on the remarkable extent of power wielded by pastors and their unique capacity to either bring harm or healing.

    According to Nigel Gaisie, pastors, by virtue of their spiritual authority, possess an extraordinary level of influence, granting them the capability to affect the lives of individuals in profound ways.

    This revelation came to the fore as Nigel Gaisie recounted a startling incident involving an alleged member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), who approached him with a peculiar request. The individual, keen to secure a prominent position promised to him by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, sought Nigel’s assistance in making it a reality.

    Describing the dramatic encounter, Nigel Gaisie revealed that the man, accompanied by a soldier, arrived in a white Range Rover and brought with him a jaw-dropping sum of 1.6 million Ghana cedis, which, in old currency, amounted to a staggering 16 billion cedis.

    The visitor’s request, however, was both astonishing and ethically challenging. Nigel Gaisie explained that he was asked to pray for a specific outcome – to bring about the paralysis of none other than Ghana’s Chief of Staff, Frema Akosua Osei-Opare.

    “He came with a white Range Rover and some money he had a soldier with him. He brought 1.6 million Ghana cedis, that is old cedis 16 billion. I am speaking my truth. And the truth is the truth. And did I do it? No I did not do it. I won’t even do it. When the person left, I just told my team that I am not interested. In the first place, I do what God has instructed me to do. My children here are witnesses to this incident. He said I should pray for about 2 or 3 things. Number one, I should pray, so she becomes crippled,” he said.

    Abeiku Aggrey Santana, the interviewer, seized the opportunity to question the moral dimensions of such a request within the realm of pastoral duties. Prophet Nigel Gaisie, resolute in his convictions, responded without hesitation, asserting that pastors indeed possess the power to influence lives, be it for good or ill.

    Abeiku: “Is that part of your job as a pastor? To pray for someone to be crippled?”

    Prophet Gaisie: “Oh yes. God has given us power. We have power. God has given us power. We have the power to destroy and the power to fix.”

    However, he clarified that, according to the teachings of the New Testament, their primary mission is to heal and assist the children of God. Consequently, he emphatically declared that he chose not to comply with the request to cause harm.

    He also revealed that the individual who had made this astonishing had since died.

    “Under the New Testament we do a lot of fixing than we destroy. God has given us power to destroy the works of the devil and not of the children of God. So I did not do it. Later I heard that the person, fortunately or unfortunately God has called the person,” he noted.

    Frema Akosua Osei-Opare, the Chief of Staff at the center of this extraordinary story, had a distinguished political career, having served as a Member of Parliament before becoming Ghana’s first female occupant of the Chief of Staff position.


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