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    I’ll never give any lady a chance to break my heart – KiDi

    Lynx Entertainment signee Kidi has stated emphatically that no lady on this planet can ever break his heart again because he wouldn’t give her that chance.

    KiDi detailed the facts surrounding his previous breakup and dispelled allegations about his mental state in an interview with Accra-based TV3.

    When asked about the nature of his previous troubles by host Berla Mundi, KiDi refused to put all of them down to a broken heart but admitted that they were a complex mash-up of other personal struggles.

    “No, it was a lot of things. After SHS, I promised I would never give my heart to a girl to break…I have collected my first share,” he revealed.

    KiDi made it clear that he wouldn’t give in to pressure or attribute his problems only to his musical career despite the inherent limitations in the music business.

    “I don’t see pressure; I won’t put pressure there. As much as a lot of things were happening, I wouldn’t say it had to do with that. Many things were happening in the background; I cannot say, they are personal. That, compounded with so many other things, can be a little bit overwhelming,” he explained.

    KiDi credited his mother’s prayers for providing him with strength and resilience.

    “I have a prayerful mom, I am grateful. I do pray, but my mom’s prayers always keep me,” he expressed.


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