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    Keep mute if you don’t know history – Dormaahene replies Asantehene

    The Dormaahene, Oseadeyo Agyeman Badu II, has reacted to Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II’s assertion that it was his uncle who elevated the Dormaa stool to a paramountcy.

    Speaking to a gathering in Dormaa, in a video shared by Abanpredease TV on Sunday, October 19, 2023, the Dormaahene said that Otumfuo’s claim was false.

    He explained that the Dormaa stool existed for hundreds of years before the Asantehene stool and so there is no way that it would be an Asantehene who elevated the then Dormaahene to a paramount chief.

    He added it is important that he addresses this issue because the history of the people of Dormaa is been being distorted by the Asantehene.

    “I would speak to this issue because if I don’t, I would not be able to sleep… most people think that I am the one who causes the issue (between myself and the Asantehene). Some are even saying that if I don’t take time, I might cause a war. But if you are correcting your history, is it about fighting?

    “… I want to tell every Ghanaian that we the people of Adiana are not from the Ashanti Kingdom. It is never true; it is never true. Otumfuo Osei Tutu II is the leader of the Ashantis, we beg him if he does not know history he should not talk. How can someone from Oyoko talk about the history of the people from Adiana?” he quizzed.

    The Dormaahene added, “I want to place it on record with any contradiction that the stool of the people of Adiana in Dormaa existed 300 years before that of the Ashantis was established. So if there is to be an elevation, it is not us who are to elevate them,” he said.

    He reiterated that he means no disrespect to Ashantis but if their leader continuously makes wrong claims about the people of Dormaa, he would reply.

    “As for this issue, I am begging him (the Otumfuo) he should stop saying it. If he does not stop, I have already said this before, if he speaks 100 times, I would respond 101 times.”

    He urged his subjects not to resort to insults but should rather respond to claims against them with facts.

    What the Asantehene said:

    Addressing his people at an Asanteman Council meeting at the Manhyia Palace on October 19, 2023, the Asantehene said there was the need to revisit history to combat efforts from some quarters to distort history.

    Portions of his address posted by Opemsuo Radio on YouTube had the Asantehene speaking to how the predecessor of the current Dormaahene was inducted into office.

    “Sampa is my town, Bono and Ahafo… Agyeman Badu (the first) took his oath here before going to assume his throne. He was a teacher here at Government Boys School. He swore in front of my uncle before assuming his position,” Otumfuo stated.

    “It is because of these notorious ones that I am recounting this issue. What at all is it?” he emphasized before outlining a historical sequence of relations and how the royal politics has evolved over time.

    Agyeman Badu I, who he referred to as an uncle of the current Dormaa chief, Agyeman Badu II, who has in recent years fired salvos at the Otumfuo questioning his level of influence.


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