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    WODIF Set To Launch “Crown To The Kingdom”

    The World Diplomatic Federation – WODIF together with Global Heritage Foundation – has requested for the entirety of the National House Of Chiefs to partner, collaborate and support an expected high profile event dubbed “Crown to the Kingdom ”.

    And to the organizers of the event, It is a platform to attract grants, loans, foreign and local investments, developmental project and philanthropy for economic parity and diversity.

    This event initiative platform is to offer paramount chiefs the opportunity to promote the history, culture and tradition of the tribes in the form of social ceremony in a foreign land, specifically in the US, UK, Germany and any other country of black decent.

    The platform conversely, is typically a center of attracting direct relating businesses, trade, investments and philanthropic projects to our local communities through chieftaincy initiatives. The chiefs being the custodies of the lands will have direct negotiation subject to all laws governing the country to be initiated, implemented and accomplished.

    The maiden event is scheduled for January/February/March 2024 as a feast of celebration at Atlanta Convention Center, Atlanta Georgia, USA.

    The event will be climaxed with series of traditional activities.

    Organizers have revealed that they are putting together a befitting launch in the coming days barring any unforeseen circumstances.

    The organizers have thought it prudent to pay a courtesy call on stakeholders for further interrogation and deliberation before the launch.

    Nana Obokomatta IX Paramount Chief for Gomoa Dasum Amankrahene for Gomoa Akyempim Traditional Council, CEO for Fantega Company Limited, Obokom Civil Engineering and Obokom Transport, said “This event paves way for African business communities and government agencies to look for collaboration and partnerships on industrial participation and economic diversities. The African continent has the best arable lands and the world preponderance mineral resources for global explorations.”

    His Rt Noble Lord Nana the Provost Commissioner of World Diplomatic Federation Africa “the African continent has large potentials of football players to fit in and revive the United States football clubs to be among the first class global league as mostly seen in Europe like in UK, Germany, Spain and now seeing Saudi Arabia coping same.

    “This event initiated is stipulated to source funds for the African children living with Cancer, Dialysis, HIV/AIDS, and Polio etc to have treatment or financial support. This means accrued proceed gained before; during and after the event will be used for the intended purposed.

    “The volumes of target funds to be earned, will determine the completion of the projections made on for establishing health related centers for treating the said diseases confronting the African Child. ”

    The event is created and designed as a historic moment to bring the black people together as unified and belonging society of African decent, marking the identity of our citizenry as African; by way of coloration, conferment, bestowal, initiation, etc. into an African culture and tradition through induction and inaugural naming ceremony.

    It is pragmatically necessary in this era of generations, for Africans scattered on the surface of the earth, to seek to know their identity and where they belong in his period of globalization.

    The Black African Americans and Africans in the Diaspora are expected to use their identity to leverage, influence, and clout their talents, potential, and possessions to support the African economies throughout the continent.

    This event however will be used to project the valor of the black identity in the global world.
    The African model of life, style of fashion, culture, tradition, way of living, conscience, faith, and belief in history and contemporary or present-day life, will be the ideals for crowning the great African heroes in this awesome event dubbed “CROWN TO THE KINGDOM”.

    CROWN TO THE KINGDOM will exceptionally be conferred on people who also by virtue of cognizance project or support the black course in Africa or beyond.

    This means individuals, companies, institutions, and corporate organizations that seek the well-being and economic welfare of Africa. As Africa looks to foresee the well-being of its economy advancing; partners and investors might be the key to development and growth, such individuals whether black or white will be accepted and approved to receive the Honorary CROWN TO THE KINGDOM.CROWN TO THE KINGDOM is noted to be the biggest festival of raising giants, titans, captains of industries, and prodigious men and women of achievements in African economic history.

    The very great Africans making impactful history in the present days are called to be crowned to join the Great African Human Antiquity.

    The Great African Human Antiquity is a model of creation to establish a museum to remember the Africans and expatriates who have enormously distinguished themselves as legends, heroes, or celebrities in the periods when they lived.

    This impetus of memorial moments will be celebrated in the United States of America and Africa [Ghana and any other black country where preferred].

    A site of the Great African Human Antiquity Museum [GAHAM] will be allocated to build monuments to remember individuals who have contributed to Africa in diverse ways.

    A special sculptor monumental Library will be established, attached to the palaces where major supports are given attention to a particular traditional territory.

    The GAHAM will remain a tourist site for families and friends, the entirety of the global world to visit.
    Their site allocated will have a Sculpted Architectural Design Gallery, Exhibition Hall, Art Center, and Theatrical Conference Hall made with African artifacts. GAHAM will be a state of remembrance of the living or fallen souls that might have Africa at heart.

    The traditional rulers who are the custodians of the lands are the key beneficiaries of theq philanthropy, grants, aids, or investments that may be gifted to the communities where they rule and in turn, use this grand ceremony of CROWN TO THE KINGDOM to honor the people who might offer their support. CROWN TO THE KINGDOM will bea limited to Kings and Paramount Chiefs who by uniformity come under one historic umbrella.a History will be a relative factor; re-counting to culture, customs, and tradition.

    The organizing entity will determine the procedure and formalities to which the events will be run in consultation with the traditional rulers. The focus is to support communities through the paramount of history, culture, customs, and traditions.

    The event is expected to attract thousands of people globally and to have a whole month of festivals within African countries to celebrate individuals who made Africa proud of their quota of philanthropic or investments.

    The intended purpose in a nutshell is expected to project the good values of the goodwill of the individuals and entities supportive of Africa in times of crisis.q

    On the other hand, GAHAM will consider individuals who are contributing to Africa through a developmental approach in diverse ways.

    The event is also projected to create investment hubs and platforms for African people to develop and grow their economies through organized TRADE AND INVESTMENT FAIRS in foreign countries. The custodians of the lands, being the traditional rulers, are expected to promote the available resources for investment, where investors, stakeholders, partners, and consultants are anticipated strike a fair deal to commerce projects in their localities through government consent for sanctioning and approval are initiated.CROWN TO THE KINGDOM is designed to create direct relationships with Kings and Paramount Chiefs in Africa, to dialogue on investments and developmental projects where necessary.

    The individuals and groups willing to do anything in Africa, is welcomed to Africa with a Royal Treat. It is upon this platform that the BLACKS in the DIASPORA will be given the first bid to trade and Invest in Africa.

    This will be the best offer to the BLACKS in the DIASPORA to come home and take opportunities in their motherland.

    The event will always comes off in United States of America with festivals, durbar, conferences and summits, characterized with African believes, culture and history. And that will be the time to call for BLACK unity and progress. Those willing to support Africa with aids, grants, loans or investments through trade and industry or benevolence will be CROWNED TO THE KINGDOM. Special naming ceremony and chieftaincy titles will be conferred on the individuals or groups offering their support to Africa.

    A joint partnership is necessary to institute and establish a formidable platform, to embark on this memorial soiree. And for this reason, a call for partnership is highly recommended for interested parties to come on board; thus joining hands to ensure intended purpose is achieved. WODIF has allocated slots to cover all the 16 regions to participate in Ghana and thus is expected to be replicated in other African countries, where kingdoms are intently regarded paramount.a CROWN TO THE KINGDOM is anticipated to create projects oriented and investment platforms for all participating Kings and Paramount Chiefs to start kick their plans for economic development initiative programmes to support Government through Office of the President under the auspices of Diaspora Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, the 
    Ministry of Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs together with the National House of Chiefs.

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