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    Alan needed not resign, no need to beg him to return – Atta Akyea

    Samuel Atta Akyea, Member of Parliament for Abuakwa South, has declared unequivocally that Alan Kyeremanten’s departure from the party following his defeat in the presidential primaries was unnecessary.

    In response to the party’s decision to allow the four candidates to sign the pledge not to resign, he stated, “Every election has rules and regulations, and party members should respect and abide by these rules.”

    He went on to say that anyone who loses an election and leaves the party is not a good candidate or a trustworthy person who should be followed.

    He told the parliamentary press corps that “what Alan did was terrible.” When running for office, you should be aware that there are rules that govern elections. He didn’t have to resign from the NPP.”

    He also believes that individuals who want Alan to be talked to so he will return to the NPP should cease since it is unnecessary.

    He claimed that the fact that he left the party in the first place demonstrates that he was never a member of the party in the first place.

    “Why should we beg you to rejoin a party you claimed to be a member of?” Who should come up to you and persuade you to come back to the party? Why should you leave the party in the first place if you were a member? Anyone who suggests that we must beg him to return is hazardous. “Leaving the party was a bad decision, and there’s no reason for us to go and beg him to come back,” he added.

    Source: rainbowradioonline.com

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