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    Notorious Landgaurd Transferred To G/A Regional Command

    Following from the arrest of one Captain Abu, a notorious landguard terrorising residents of Borteyman and it's environs on Tuesday November 21st 2023 by the East Legon Police, the suspect was paraded before the Greater Accra Police command where it appeared that an arrest warrant had been issued flowing from several illegal activities he had perpetrated .

    The notorious suspect arrested by the East Legon Police command has been transferred to the Greater Accra Police command where he will be processed and arraigned before court.

    It would be recalled that some landguards burnt some vehicles and brutalized residents of Borteyman prompting widespread calls on the Ghana Police Service to take urgent action against the persons responsible for these brutalities.

    A bench warrant was issued for the arrest of this notorious landguard who had absconded and was a flight risk.

    The Police visited his residence on several occasions to carry out the bench warrant but he was unavailable.

    Several other avenues to secure his arrest and arraignment before the Court which also failed, while he embarked on his frolic of intimidation, lawlessness ,assault and acts of brutality under the guise of being a National Security operative.

    He was subsequently arrested by the East Legon Police command and was placed in their custody after attacking a worker at Borteyman.

    The suspect has since been transferred from the East Legon Police command to the Greater Accra Police command where he was paraded before the command and it was confirmed that an arrest warrant was issued following his acts of brutality and violence amongst other illegal indulgences.

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