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    I think it has been approved – Ofori-Atta on 2024 budget approval

    The Minister of Finance, Ken Ofori-Atta, has said he is confident that per the proceedings in parliament, the 2024 budget has been approved.

    According to him, it was very clear that there was a clear approval of the budget when the Speaker initiated a voice count.

    He said after the Majority staged a walk-out in parliament during the approval of the budget: “We all heard the Speaker. And it was very clear that the Is have it. I think the Is have it.”

    The MPs on the Majority side of parliament staged a walkout over a disagreement on how to vote on the approval of the 2024 budget.

    The MPs, led by Deputy Majority Leader, Alexander Kwamena Afenyo-Markin, boycotted the proceedings because the Minority has insisted that they go with a headcount to determine the vote.

    Although the leadership of the Majority led the walkout, not all the MPs on that side of the House have followed him.

    While that was unfolding, the MPs on the Minority side simultaneously started chanting, ‘Away! Away!’ and a song that says, ‘Bye bye o, bye bye o.”

    The MPs are supposed to conclude the debate on the 2024 Budget Statement and Economic Policy presented to the House by the Minister of Finance, Ken Ofori-Atta.

    However, that can only be determined with a majority vote, which, as GhanaWeb’s parliamentary correspondent, Nimatu Yakubu Atouyese, explained, might have gone against the NPP MPs because they did not have the numbers to win this.

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