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    How a Ghanaian businessman was detained at UK’s Heathrow Airport for carrying £14,800

    A Ghanaian businessman was the subject of rigorous scrutiny by UK Border Force officials after he was found carrying an amount of £14,800 on arrival at London’s Heathrow Airport.

    Even though he attempted to comply with the requirement of declaring an amount exceeding £10,000 pounds, the businessman according to the officials failed to justify the source of the money.

    While it was not clear when the incident took place, a video of the interaction between the businessman and the border officials had him explaining that the money was meant for the purchase of car parts.

    He asked Border Force officials to check in their system as he had similarly declared other amounts he had brought into the UK on previous trips.

    The official however ruled his assertion as being riddled with discrepancies.

    “If the worst happens and an investigation team want to detain the money for investigation, the money has to go in front of a magistrate within 48-hours. He will listen to the circumstances and he will make a decision. He will either decide to give the money back to you immediately or he will give the investigation team a month, six weeks, eight weeks to look further into the origins of the money,” a border officer told the businessman.

    Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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