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    Lithium mining: Elon Musk to visit Ghana?

    The Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Tesla, Elon Musk, may have been presented with yet another reason to visit Ghana following advanced plans to mine lithium in the West African country.

    According to the Member of Parliament for Anyaa Sowutuom, Dickson Adomako Kissi, it will not be a surprise to see the billionaire investor visiting Ghana soon as a result of the importance of lithium to the operations of his company.

    “I am happy that something from Ghana will go to space because lithium is one of the things that help in space exploration. Talking about batteries and all. And from the look of things, we might soon receive a visit from Elon Musk.

    “Ghana is now closer to California due to lithium,” he stated while appearing as a guest on Peace FM’s Kokrokoo morning show.

    He urged the government to ensure bonding with societies related to lithium and also called for measures to locally add value to the raw materials mined.

    The government of Ghana has signed an agreement with Barari DV Limited for the mining of Ghana’s lithium.

    However, details of the deal have attracted public criticism on the benefits Ghana is likely to gain.

    According to critics, including the IEA, the agreement which gives Ghana a 10% royalty is a shortchange against the development of the country. But the government on the other hand describes the deal as the best Ghana has ever signed for the mining of the nation’s natural resources.


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