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    Don’t be quick to dismiss Mahama’s 24-hour economy – Ghanaians told

    Director of the Institute of African Studies, Prof. Samuel Ntewusu, is advocating for an open-minded approach among Ghanaians in endorsing the 24-hour economy proposed by John Mahama, the flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

    During an interview with the media on the sidelines of the Anton Wilhelm Amo Lecture held on Tuesday, Prof. Ntewusu underscored the significance of refraining from hastily rejecting novel concepts as he shared his perspectives on the matter.
    He clarified that his statement was not an endorsement of any political party and, therefore, urged citizens to rally behind the concept of a 24-hour economy.

    “I think in Ghana we are very quick to condemn anything that somebody wants to bring on board. It is not good for the development of the country. Even if you meet someone on the streets and the person says ‘I have this idea,’ do not be quick to dispense that person’s proposal. Allow the person to try out what he has in mind. If it doesn’t work out, then you know that that doesn’t work,” Prof Ntewusu stated.

    He continued, “So if Mahama says he is going to roll out the 24-hour economy, he hasn’t even started, and people have started condemning it. I am not saying this in support of a particular party; I am saying that we Ghanaians and Africans are almost like ‘konogo kaya’ we cannot carry, and we will not let anyone else carry. And we’re very quick to rejoice when somebody fails rather than support that person to succeed.”

    Former President Mahama has been advocating for a 24-hour economy, a concept he believes will resuscitate the struggling Ghanaian economy.

    This stance has since sparked diverse opinions from individuals, politicians, civil society organisations, and the business community.

    While members of the NDC applaud the proposal, considering it a blueprint for addressing the escalating unemployment rate and the shaky economy, their counterparts from the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) dismiss it as an impractical and belated idea.


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