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    Ghana Meteo warns of intense harmattan in December

    The Ghana Meteorological Agency (GMet) has announced that Ghanaians should prepare for an intense Harmattan season throughout December 2023, attributed to the arrival of a dry continental wind in the country.

    Ghana is currently experiencing dry and dusty winds, a characteristic feature of the Harmattan season.

    In an interview with Citi News on Thursday, Frederick Cudjoe, a Senior Meteorologist at the Agency, urged Ghanaians to take necessary precautions to prevent accidents during this season.

    “We advise that when visibility becomes very poor especially early in the morning and then at dawn, motorists should take necessary precautions, especially by using their fog lights and also driving within the speed limit. Also, people who go to farms, we advise that they take the necessary precautions to prevent any fire outbreak.”

    “And then also since we will be having those particles in the atmosphere, we advise that maybe we can be putting on our nose masks during this period to avoid taking in a lot of that particle into our respiratory systems because we are realising that we have the dry continental wind invading our country, and we expect this condition to last, especially for the entire period of December right from now to the end of December which will mean that we are going to be getting a lot of this dryness coming from the Sahara and the Sahel regions into our country. And then also the dust conditions will be accompanied by winds which are coming from the northern part of the continent into our country,” he said.


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