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    I sometimes put them in my mouth – Meet 18-year-old Ethiopian with ability to tame bees

    Tamirat Getachew a resident of Asosa has left his fellow Ethoiapians astonished with his unique ability of befriending honey bees.

    “It’s a gift,” Tamirat, the 18-year-old told the BBC.

    In a display that defies common caution, Tamirat fearlessly allows swarms of bees to envelop his bare chest and head, all without wearing any protective gear.

    “I have a special ability to put bees on myself without covering my lips and ears,” he adds.

    In an interview with the BBC, he explained how his bond with the honey-producing insects came to be some five years ago as he went by a farm.

    “They came and settled on my body as I passed by [the bee farm], and they started paying attention to what I was saying,” he recalls.

    According to Tamirat, he did nothing to attract them. “They just understand who I am. Bees are like humans to those who approach them.”

    According to him, his relatives and neighbors were initially concerned about his daring interactions with bees and warned him to stay away. However, Tamirat remained confident in his unusual gift.

    Over time, it has become clear that he shares a special bond with honey bees, a connection that sets him apart in a neighborhood where bee farmers typically harvest honey at night to avoid stings.

    This practice is particularly common in rural parts of Ethiopia, where bee stings have been shown to be potentially lethal.

    Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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