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    Christmas Hustle: Accra’s Business District abuzz with shoppers, others

    Shoppers are seen walking from Roxy Cinema through to Tudu to Makola and Kantamanto Market as a result of the heavy traffic build up.

    Sitting in the trotro is going to be a very frustrating exercise as the Sun, with its heat, gives only one option-a walk through the forest of shops to pick a few things for the Christmas.

    The continuous humming of sound, fast movement of people and goods, including ‘Christmas goats’ and ‘fowls” offer a lively spectacle of Makola and Kantamanto Street or Market in the heart of Accra’s business district, a few hours to Christmas.

    The surge in human traffic adds an extra layer of excitement as shoppers navigate through bustling crowds to complete their festive purchases.

    The festive period, however, come with its share of challenges.

    Price fluctuations are observed as demand peaks during the final shopping hours, prompting shoppers to exercise caution, double-check prices, and engage in negotiations with traders who feel the pressure of the going down of the Sun – closing time.

    Cash transactions take precedence during the bustling period, with many traders favouring the efficiency of cash over mobile money.

    This preference, while expediting transactions, highlights the need for shoppers to be flexible and adapt to the evolving dynamics of the holiday rush.Security is visibly heightened as police officers from the Accra Regional Command are strategically deployed to the Kantamanto Market area.

    Their presence aims at ensuring law and order, managing the crowd, and fostering a secure shopping environment.

    Amidst the holiday cheer, the perennial concern of pickpockets lingers. Shoppers are reminded to stay vigilant and safeguard their belongings, even with the visible police presence, underscoring the importance of personal responsibility during the bustling shopping spree.Transportation adds another layer of complexity, with taxis charging elevated fees and online car services proving elusive. Securing a ride becomes a time-consuming task, emphasising the need for shoppers to plan ahead and exercise patience amidst the traffic situation across the central business district.

    In some instances one could spend about 30mins in one spot and not moving.

    Commuters are advised to find alternative means of transportation, which is either the use of motor bike with caution.

    A number of shoppers are seen adhering to health measures of donning face masks, showcasing a positive response to the Environmental Protection Agency’s educational efforts amidst the harmattan season.

    Source: GNA

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