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    I don’t believe in 31st December prophecies – Rev. Kofi Oduro

    The founder and leader of Alabaster International Ministry, Reverend Kofi Oduro has questioned the rationale of December 31st watchnight prophecies which has become a common occurrence in Ghana over the years.

    Speaking on the December 23, 2023, edition of United Showbiz, Reverend Oduro said he finds it absurd that God only speaks to some prophets during these watchnight services.

    “Personally, I don’t believe in that 31st prophetic that only comes on 31st night. I am looking for that God who speaks only on 31st night. Because I can’t comprehend,” he stated.

    December 31 has in Ghana has over the years become synonymous with the delivery of prophecies by men of God who foretell events of an incoming year during watchnight services.

    However, some critics have pointed out that the some prophets use the night to engage in fear mongering by issuing doom prophecies.

    The Ghana Police Service in December 2021 issued a stern warning against the issuance of alarmist prophecies.

    The police caution which was reiterated in December 2022 noted that actions and statements which has the potential to cause fear and panic attracts a jail term of up to five years under Ghana’s laws.

    Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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