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    About ‘50% of Ghanaians’ want to learn more about visas in 2024 – US Embassy poll

    Visas recorded a landslide victory in a United States Embassy poll on January 2, 2024; that asked which topic people wanted to learn more about in 2024.

    At the end of the poll posted on Twitter (now X), over 49% of respondents said they wanted to learn more about visas this year.

    The closest topic of interest was Education in the US, which had 33.6% of the over 4,300 votes.

    It is worth noting that respondents to the poll are likely not exclusively Ghanaians.

    The question posed was: “Which of the following topics do you want to learn more about in 2024?” accompanied by the hashtag, #USEmbassyConnect. The full results are as follows:

    Climate = 9.2%,

    Visas = 49.1%,

    Education in the U.S. = 33.6% and

    U.S.-Ghana Relations = 8.2%

    Ghana is on record as one of sub-Saharan Africa’s biggest visa application countries along with the likes of Nigeria and Ethiopia.

    The Ghanaian diaspora in the United States is also very well established with many more people applying year-in, year-out to move to the US for different reasons.

    Ghana-US relations have also been cordial traditionally even though it has in recent times been tested by Ghana’s pending law against same-sex relations.

    Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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