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    Court throws out case against Prof Dominic Fobih for marrying 30-year-old Mary

    The High Court at Cape Coast has issued a directive to Professor Dominic Fobih, a former Education Minister during the Kufuor administration, urging him to extend forgiveness to his son and nephew over their objections to his marriage to a 30-year-old woman named Mary Nyamekye Oduro.

    In its ruling, the court emphasized that there were no justifiable grounds for the objections raised against the 80-year-old professor’s decision to marry Mary. The court expressed its support for the union, stating that it saw no reason why Professor Fobih should not be allowed to marry the love of his life.

    The case gained significant public attention in May 2023 when a video of the former minister’s traditional wedding went viral. The objectors, who were identified as the professor’s son and nephew, argued that his decision to marry Mary was irrational, citing his previous stroke and the significant age gap of about fifty years between the couple as potential obstacles to a successful marriage.

    They also raised concerns about Mary’s alleged infidelity and her purported ulterior motives for marrying a much older man.

    Additionally, the objectors questioned whether Professor Fobih was still legally bound to another woman, Beatrice Boateng, whom he claimed to have divorced in 2020 through customary means. However, the court determined that the marriage between Professor Fobih and Beatrice Boateng had indeed been dissolved, dismissing the objectors’ claims as baseless.

    Consequently, the court ruled in favor of Professor Fobih and Mary Nyamekye, declaring them eligible to marry. Furthermore, the court instructed Professor Fobih to forgive his son, Dr. Nick Fobih, and nephew, Nicholas Fobih, for their objections to the marriage. The court also imposed financial penalties of GHC 20,000 against each of the three objectors as costs incurred during the legal proceedings.


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