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    New Standing Orders: MPs to recite National pledge and undergo roll call

    Effective Tuesday, February 6, parliamentarians will commence sessions by reciting the National Pledge, marking the implementation of the new standing orders.

    This significant change in the new standing orders introduces a requirement for heads of state of institutions to directly appear before Parliament to address queries related to their agencies.

    The shift contrasts with the previous standing orders, which permitted Ministers of State to represent the heads of institutions during questioning.

    Under the new dispensation, Members of Parliament will undergo a roll call and participate in reciting the national pledge at the start of proceedings.

    Ahmed Ibrahim, the First Deputy Minority Whip in Parliament, shared insights on the modifications, emphasizing that independent bodies such as the Electoral Commission, CHRAJ boss, BoG governor, NCCE, and the Auditor General will now face questioning similar to ministers on the parliamentary floor.

    “Independent bodies like the Electoral Commission, the CHRAJ boss, the BoG governor, NCCE, and the Auditor General are going to be questioned just as we question ministers on the Floor and the mode of answering questions on the Floor has also been provided in the new Standing Orders.

    “Previously, if you wanted to invite the EC, they would say he had no audience on the Floor and if the Common Fund administrator needed to come unless the discussion was led by the Minister but this time around, it is not going to be the same.

    “The administrator can come and be interrogated by a committee and can be asked questions and he will respond to the questions and the mode of answering the questions has been catered for in the new Standing Orders.”


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