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    Mahama’s Building Ghana Tour is a Talk show - Moshake

    A former executive of the Tema East constituency branch of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDDC) has dismissed the ongoing campaign tour by former President John Dramani Mahama as nothing but talk-shop. 

    In a write-up posted on social media, Stephen Ashitey Adjei, alias Moshake, accuses the former President of running a circus of boring “talk shows” around the country which are “scant on proposing cogent solutions and full rehash of the problems that everybody knows the country is facing”.

    “I mean look at the way this man who wants to be president tries to take advantage of the Black Stars poor performance at the AFCON with the kind of populist opportunism that he demonstrated recently!” Moshake lamented.

    According to him, ”This does nothing but expose the desperation of John Mahama and the shallow thinking that goes into his appreciation of the problems of this country.”

    Elaborating, he pointed out that Mr. Mahama’s promise to assemble local players for a future glorious Black Stars begs the question as to how that will make the Black Stars any different from any other team in the world when the fact is that all teams in the world use foreign based players more.

    “What is even more telling about this cheap point scoring attempt by Mr. Mahama is that his thinking around sports follows the same pattern that has messed up Ghana Sports; which is that soccer and Black Stars are the most important things in Ghana Sports, but soccer and the Black Stars are only a small part of Ghana Sports which is in a mess.

    “If Mr. Mahama were to be deeply thinking, he would not join the popular mistake of making soccer and the Black Stars the centre of attention, but come up with creative ways of solving issues facing Ghana Sports in general.”

    The former NDC executive said this fixation on soccer and the Black Stars is just a symptom of Mahama’s shallow thinking which has made his Building Ghana Tour a talk show. 

    “What is even more annoying is that when Mahama was president, he did worst. Was he not the one who flew 3million dollars in polythene bags to Black Stars players in Brazil during the 2014 world cup? Where were all the solutions that he says he has for the Black Stars when he was president?”

    According to Moshake, “So far, not much by way of solutions to specific problems have come from Mr. Mahama’s tour. What we have been given are fanciful stories and utopian ideas like 24 hour economy. 

    Beyond the flowery language what exactly does Mr. Mahama have for this country; how will he fight corruption, how will he salvage the economy if he becomes president, how will he tackle the high inflation, and end environmental pollution, dwindling cocoa yields and creeping food insecurity? We don’t know, and that is because he has not told us.

    “If he had proffered these solutions, then we would have been in position to demand timelines but as things stand now, it has been a talk show all along and so we are not really seeing any hopeful solutions from this man who wants a second chance from us after he messed up the first one we gave him, Ex-President Mahama should stop disturbing Ghanaians with propaganda unity walks, propaganda listening tours and propaganda building Ghana tours,” Moshake wrote.

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