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    NDC, NPP are selfish and greedy; ‘competent’ Alan is Ghana’s best bet for 2024 – Buaben Asamoa

    Campaign team member of the Movement for Change, lawyer Buaben Asamoa, has described Alan Kyerematen as incorruptible, committed, dedicated, and the only person qualified enough to be Ghana’s next president.

    He argued that of all the candidates who have expressed interest in contesting the presidential election, Alan Cash remains the only candidate without any form of scandal, corruption, or corruption-related stains.

    He declared that his principal has demonstrated the capacity and competence to manage the affairs of the country better.

    In his view, the ruling New Patriotic Pary (NPP) and the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) are not competent and nationalistic enough to manage Ghana.

    Meanwhile, he has disputed claims that the NPP was in talks with Alan to return the party.

    He emphasised that under no circumstances would the former Trade and Industry minister go back to the NPP, adding that nobody from the party has spoken to him or engaged him on the subject matter.

    “These two parties are selfish, greedy, and only interested in themselves and what they will get. They don’t have the interests of Ghanaians at heart. When these two parties are in power, they only do things to favour their interests and not those of the people.

    “I want to state categorically that nobody from the NPP has contacted him about his possible return to the NPP. He has also not demonstrated any interest in going back to the NPP.

    “There is currently no discussion going on between him and the NPP. He is firm and optimistic about contesting as an independent candidate. He is prepared to contest, win, and become the next president to manage Ghana.

    “He is prepared to fight corruption and deal with it drastically. He is competent, diligent, credible, and competent to lead the people towards progress. He has ideas that will make Ghanaians prosper. That is the goal, and nothing more. He has nothing more to do with the NPP,” he said.

    Source: rainbowradioonline.com

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