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    Parliament Has Been Ungrateful - Farmers

    Following the admonishment by Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon. Alban Sumana Kingsford Bagbin, that Tetteh Quarshie be made the icon of the celebration of chocolate Day, rather than the chocolate itself, a group of farmers in the western region has welcomed the suggestion.

    But in addition to their concurrence, the Speaker’s call has also become opportune for them to vent about the way the Legislature has, itself, been very neglectful of the need to officially iconize Bagbin.

    “The poor recognition that Tetteh Quarshie has received from this country for his immeasurable contribution as the person who brought cocoa to Ghana, has similarly been inflicted on the Rt. Hon. Alban Sumana Kingsford Bagbin,” Ago Dickson, a leading farmer of the western region, said.

    According to him, “given his long and outstanding service in the legislature, Mr. Bagbin deserves to be specially recognized. But for the longest time, we have demanded that he be given national recognition to no avail.”

    Mr. Ago Dickson wondered how in one breath, the revered Alban Bagbin is held in iconic esteem and yet throughout the country, there is not a single monument raised or dedicated in his honour as the longest serving legislator in the history of the country.

    “And in this regard, parliament is the guiltiest; Ghana’s legislature is totally ungrateful for the special gift that Bagbin has been to it.” Brilliant Bagbin has been minority leader, majority leader and second deputy speaker before becoming speaker and now president of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association”. Ago Dickson said.

    The lament by Mr. Dickson only dovetails already existing clamour for Speaker Bagbin to be given national recognition.

    In the past, there are people who have called for the conferment of the highest national honour, the Order of the Volta, on him, for his meritorious service in the country, especially at Parliament where he is the longest serving legislator of the fourth republic.

    “Obviously, they are repeating the same mistake that we have often committed with our national heroes – they are waiting for him to pass on to glory before they come and line up and say sweet things about him. No, it should be done now,” Ago Dickson said.

    He proffers that, “if they are lacking ideas as to what to use to immortalize the iconic Alban Bagbin, I can suggest a few – there are so many halls, offices and corridors in Parliament that can be named after him.”

    On his part, Mr. Francis Acquah-Mens, another farmer in the Western Region, praised the Speaker for, “standing up for the dignity of farmers. We deserve the recognition on chocolate day because we produce the cocoa that we use for the chocolate,” he said.

    According to him, “The Speaker’s advocacy for Chocolate Day to be renamed Tetteh Quarshie Day is more than welcome; it is a necessity.”

    Mr. Acquah-Mens continues that; “suchlike sensible propositions are part of what make Bagbin iconic.”

    He also called on the authorities to, as a matter of urgency, effect the necessary changes as recommended by the Rt. Hon. Speaker.

    “I also use this opportunity to remind government that our request for Bagbin to be immortalized with a special recognition still stands.” He added.

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