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    Majority caucus will welcome leadership changes – Adomako Kissi

    Dickson Adomako Kissi, the Member of Parliament for Anyaa Sowutuom, has stated that the majority caucus would be receptive to any potential leadership changes.

    This statement follows the dismissal by Joseph Osei Owusu, the First Deputy Speaker of Parliament and Member of Parliament for Bekwai, of reports suggesting an imminent change in the majority leadership.

    During an interview on Eyewitness News on Citi FM, Mr. Kissi told Umaru Sanda Amadu that the caucus would welcome any alterations contingent upon discussions with the leadership of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) or the government.

    Mr. Kissi endorsed the idea of a reshuffle, emphasizing that it provides an opportunity for others to showcase their capabilities and enables the government to be relaunched with a diverse set of strengths.

    “I am very much in support of reshuffle. I have been in support of it for close to two years. I am of the opinion that when we do reshuffle, it gives other people the opportunity to exhibit what they know and their talents.

    “But what came [on Tuesday, February 20] I think is a matter of us waiting to hear a bit more interaction with the government and the party if what some members are hearing is true or not. But as it stands I must be very clear that at any point in time, not everybody in the majority agrees to one part or the other, but when you sit down as a caucus then a decision is taken we will all follow what decisions are taken.

    “And I think that we are ready to work with the leadership of the party and government to see the way forward. We will be in support of whatever will be the interest of the party,” he stated.


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