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    Why must the state pay for people’s post-graduate choices? – Randy Abbey on Scholarship Secretariat saga

    Dr Randy Abbey, the host of Metro TV’s Good Morning Ghana program, has questioned the soundness of the government footing the cost of some people’s decision to pursue post-graduate courses, particularly outside the country.

    Contributing to a discussion on his program about awarding state scholarships to some persons with affiliations to the governing New Patriotic Party, Dr Abbey reasoned that the state must not suffer losses because someone decides to advance his or her knowledge.

    Using himself as an example, Dr Randy Abbey said that people who make such choices should be made to pay themselves, as they ultimately enjoy the benefits of the courses they pursue.

    “My point is that if you want to do an MBA or MA in a foreign institution, that’s your choice. Why must the state pay for it? Why must the state pay for your choices? I made choices for post-graduate certifications, but I didn’t burden anybody with it. It is my choice. I could have used my connections, but I didn’t because it’s my choice,” he said.

    Speaking on the same show, the Member of Parliament for South Dayi, Nelson Dafeamekpor, stated that the Minority caucus will, upon resumption of sittings, demand a probe into the awarding of scholarships in the country.

    “The Minority has raised the bar now, and they are asking for the interdiction of the registrar and an inquiry into the matter. What the Minority is saying is that there is a need for a major inquiry into the matter because of the plethora of allegations.

    “Details so far pander to the claim that the awards were largely made based on cronyism, favouritism, conflict of interest and all those things. So, if it is worthy to be looked into, then he must step aside. In the course of the inquiry, we will come and speak to [the] grounds on which he approved these applications,” he said.

    The Ghana Scholarship Secretariat has been in the news recently following reports by the Fourth Estate, which seem to suggest that scholarships were awarded to favour certain individuals who were close to the governing party or family.

    Some of the people identified in the reports are either relatives of the governing family or members of the NPP.


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