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    We’ll take legal action, publish names of customers who owe us by May – GWCL

    The Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) is set to take legal action against customers who fail to fulfill their financial obligations by the end of May 2024.

    According to the company, they will have names, including company names and the amount owed published in the national dailies.

    “We need to take more harsher steps. We are giving customers who are indebted to us up to the middle of May to settle their bills. If they fail to do that, then we will name and shame.”

    Speaking to Starr News, Public Relations Manager at the Ghana Water Company Limited, Stanley Martey stated that the indebtedness of customers is having a negative impact on its operations.

    “Accumulated debts hinder the company’s ability to sustain its operations efficiently, maintaining existing systems, infrastructure, uninterrupted services, and undertaking expansion projects to provide essential water services to the unserved and underserved communities”.

    Mr. Martey hinted that customers owe GWCL to the tune of approximately 1.2 billion cedis for over ten (10) years.

    “The revenue generated from water bills is crucial for sustaining and improving the water infrastructure and our services across the country. The company aims to collaborate with customers to find feasible solutions, including implementing flexible payment arrangements for those with substantial debts and obvious challenges.

    “Customers are being notified, that the company will use all legal means possible to retrieve all arrears.”


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