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    All dumsor be dumsor; stop deceiving and disrespecting Ghanaians – NDC MP

    Member of Parliament for Builsa South, Dr. Clement Apaak, has taken a swipe at Energy Minister Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh, alias Napo, over the minister’s claim that Ghanaians are not experiencing dumsor (intermittent power outages).

    Napo last week told Ghanaians that the power outages, popularly known as dumsor, only occurred under former President John Mahama’s administration.

    At the Government Assurances Committee meeting in Accra on Friday, May 3, he claimed we are experiencing ‘dum sie sie’ and not dumsor.

    “I told you that when I got to the ministry, we’d gone past the era where we had 72 to 96 days of lights out and six hours of lights on. We are in the era of ‘dum sie sie’, which is profoundly different from dumsor,” he stated.

    “Dumsor, as inflicted on Ghanaians, has only happened as characterized by John Dramani Mahama’s governance.

    “He is the only president on record to say that for four years that he reigned, for four years that he ruled, and for four years that he governed, there was ‘dum dum dum.’ If the non-partisan colleague says that now it is worse, then I don’t know where his realities lie,” he added.

    But reacting to this, Dr. Apaak described his comments as deceitful and disrespectful.

    He asserted that what Ghanaians are experiencing is ‘dumsor’, and no matter how the Minister embellishes it, it will remain dumsor.

    He went on to state that denying that we are facing ‘dumsor’ will not resolve the problem.

    He has therefore challenged the government to accept the crisis and resolve it as Mahama did before leaving power and stop denying the obvious.

    He also stressed the need for the government to release the timetable for Ghanaians to plan their lives.

    “Deceitful, dishonest, and insincere administration. All dumsor be dumsor. Do you think denying we are experiencing dumsor will make dumsor go away? Give us a timetable and stop being disrespectful,” he concluded.

    Source: rainbowradioonline.com

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