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    Ghana’s fight over anti-gay law threatens $20 billion debt deal – Bloomberg report

    Ghana’s Supreme Court will on Wednesday May 8, 2024 start hearing a case that has the potential to both threaten the West African country’s $20 billion debt restructuring and test the World Bank’s commitment to support LGBTQ rights.

    The court is being asked to strike down legislation that would jail those who identify as LGBTQ and punish others — family members, co-workers, teachers — if they fail to inform on them to the authorities.

    If the court rejects the appeal, the World Bank will face a dilemma: should it continue to support the anti-poverty fight in Ghana or defend liberal values.

    Bloomberg News’ Ondiro Oganga discusses the potential social and economic implications of signing the bill into law with Joumanna Bercetche on Horizons Middle East & Africa.

    Watch the video below:

    Source: bloomberg.com

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