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    Mahama Does Not Respect Ghanaians – Moshake

    A former executive of the Tema East Constituency branch of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has accused former president John Mahama of having a demeaning outlook towards Ghanaians.

    In an interview with journalists in Tema, Mr. Stephen Ashitey Adjei said the former President does not respect Ghanaians.

    “It is very easy to see that Mr. John Mahama does not respect the Ghanaian people that he ruled over for four years from 2012 to 2016,” he said.

    Mr. Ashitey Adjei, who is popularly called Moshake, came to this conclusion after listing the former President’s mean streak of disrespectful attitudes, language and actions during his presidency from 2012 to 2016.

    “It was out of that disrespect that he told us to the face that he was a dead goat and that no criticism can harm him,” Moshake said.

    According to him, it was also out of that disrespect that the former president adopted “yentie obiaa”, a popular song of Highlife musician, Daddy Lumba, as his official campaign song in the lead up to the 2016 elections. “Yentie obiaa” translates literally as “we will not listen to anybody.”

    But it is not only during his presidency that John Mahama disrespected Ghanaians, even in opposition, Moshake says the former president has been very disrespectful towards Ghanaians.

    “He insulted our intelligence when he lied that he was not being paid his ex-gratia even though he has been receiving it all along,” Moshake said.

    According to him, the recent promise by Mr. John Mahama that he will do away with ex-gratia is the clearest indication yet that the man has simply not stopped being demeaning in as far as the intelligence of Ghanaians is concerned.

    “Everybody knows that John Mahama’s promise to do away with ex-gratia is borne out of desperation. However, the fact that he has actually been able to make that promise shows that the dead goat really believes we are not intelligent.” Moshake said.

    He pointed out that the timing of the promise is particularly insulting, “of all times, it is 8 years after you have left power that you make such a promise and it is only during a time that you want to run for elections again that you are promising to do away with something that you yourself have been enjoying all this time.”

    Moshake added that it was out of disrespect for Ghanaians that the former President claimed he had won the 2020 election even though he knew he had not.

     “Before that, we must not forget that it is this same John Mahama’s family who had declared after the 2016 election that he would not run for election again, only to return to politics in 2018 and 2020. If he really respected Ghanaians would he have done that? 

    He disrespected Ghanaian chiefs by appointing a visually impaired man as Minister of Chieftaincy Affairs, he disrespected the founder of the NDC, Jerry John Rawlings and looked down upon the many NDC youth for not having university degrees to be employed at National Security, he also disrespected WASSCE students of Ghana by saying they write a sub-standard exams. How can you disrespect Ghanaians like that?” Moshake asked.

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