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    Akufo-Addo’s neck-breaking speed in forwarding petition against Kissi Agyebeng surprising – Domelevo

    Former Auditor-General, Daniel Yaw Domelevo has accused President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo of seletcive justice in how he forwarded the petition against the Special Prosecutor Kissi Agyebeng to the Chief Justice for actions to be taken.

    Domelevo pointed out that there were petitions of this nature presented to the president but he never acted on them.

    “This selective way of administration justice is not helping the country, I am surprised with the conveyor belt’s neck breaking speed in forirng the petition,” he said on the Key Points on TV3 Saturday May 18.

    Daniel Yaw Domelevo further said that he has picked up information that the Kissi Agyebeng is going to be asked to step aside for investigations to be conducted into the allegations made against him in the petition seeking his removal.

    “By next week they may be asking him to step aside until the investigation is finished, somebody whispered into my ears that is what is going to be done,” he said.

    He suspects that the petition is a fight against him for his efforts to tackle corruption.

    “Once you fight corruption, corruption will fight you back,” he intimated.

    He added “my only surprise is that this petition is coming from Martin Amidu. If I were in his position i would not do anything to remove his successor from the post.”

    On Friday May 17 the Chief Justice Gertrude Torkornoo wrote to Kissi Agyebeng to provide his comments on the petition that has been filed by his predecessor Martin Amidu for his removal.

    The Chief Justice’s letter says that the comments of Mr. Kissi Ageybeng is to help establish a prima facie case or otherwise.

    In a letter to Mr. Agyebeng dated Thursday, May 16, the Chief Justice requested his comments to help her ascertain if a prima facie case has been established.

    “This is to forward to you a copy of the petition dated 30th April 2024 sent to the Office of the President which was forwarded to the Office of the Honourable Lady Chief Justice on 6th May 2024. Kindly provide your comments on the matters raised to enable the Honourable Chief Justice to determine if a prima facie case has been made out.”

    Martin Amidu, also a former Attorney-General filed the petition against Kissi Agyebeng on the grounds of procurement breaches in the purchase of vehicles for the Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP) and abuses involving judges and the administration of justice.

    Other allegations include violations of citizens’ rights through arrests and detentions, violations of the right to information, and improper appointments of personnel to the office.
    Additionally, Mr. Amidu alleges a violation of the right to information when he requested appointment letters and salary details of all OSP staff to be put on a pen drive for him, which Mr. Agyebeng refused.

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