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    Kumasi Sheikh returns part of US$50K kidney money; US$20k allegedly ‘unaccounted for’

    Sheikh Anas Tawfiq, a Kumasi-based Islamic Cleric has refunded part of a US$50,000 donation for kidney transplant that became a subject of social media controversies. 

    The outspoken cleric who was accused of allegedly embezzling US$50,000 dollars to support the kidney transplant of a patient under his care has refunded US$30,000 out of the money to a representative of the Vice President who made the original donation. 

    Approximately US$20,000 of the donated funds equivalent to nearly Ghs300,000 cannot be accounted for, this portal was told. Sources however say the Cleric may refund the balance “soon”. 

    Attention on the donation came after it emerged the condition of the patient was getting worse leading to Peace Dawah Media, an Islamic Charity Group starting a fresh fundraiser for the patient. 

    Under this new fundraiser, opposition leader John Mahama sent in a GHS50,000 donation, unaware that Vice President Bawumia has footed the entire bill of GHS100,000 and US$50,000 for a kidney transplant outside Ghana for same patient. 

    NPP Nasara members who spoke to this portal said they are aware the Kumasi-based Islamic Cleric Sheikh Anas who was leading a fundraising effort for one of his students, one Samaan suffering end-stage kidney failure attracted attention from the office of the Vice President Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia. 

    They say on two separate occasions, the second gentleman of the republic donated Ghs100,000 and US$50,000 to the cause but only the GHS100,000 was made public by the receiver, Sheikh Anas.

    The Sheikh publicly announced and acknowledged the GHS100,000 donation to his Kumasi Aboabo Mosque congregation as well as the patient and his family as well as caregivers. 

    The Vice Presidency weeks later added the donation of US$50,000 towards the kidney transplant to the same Sheikh which he was unable to disclose to the patient, the patient’s family and other direct caregivers who deserved to be informed after several months. 

    Critics of Sheikh Anas say when he decided to part ways with the patient following allegations of embezzlement by Peace Dawah Media when they found out about the money for the patient in his trust, the Sheikh gave out Samaan’s passport and only GHS50,000 to the patient and family without any reference or explanation about the whereabouts of the Dollars until the issue was exposed on social media by Zongo bloggers.

    The Nasara members say they are not surprised that the Sheikh “touched” the US$50,000 and is unable to fully account for it. 

    “If the revelation had not come early, even the remaining US$30,000 he would have been gone”, a source said, urging the NPP flagbearer to insist on full refund of the rest of the rest of the money so that the patient is assisted directly and not through intermediaries. 

    Earlier last month, the Sheikh Following accusations of allegedly keeping the dollars without publicly announcing it, Sheikh Anas refuted the allegations and said he was preparing to announce it when it came public. 

    In a statement to explain the US$50,000 Dollars silence, Sheikh Anas said he has been “hinting his audience and followers about the support in his recent sermons” using “cryptic terms to heighten the expectations and interests of his congregants and followers”.

    The statement said he Sheikh Anas “usually will say “I have a big announcement for you; there is good news about Samann’s condition, but I want to finish with somethings that we are doing, and I will tell you about it, but know that very soon Samann will be taken out for his kidney transplantation.”

    As at press time, a doctor who was supposed to be in charge of the patient said he does not recall the last time he set eyes on the patient and is unable to sign any documentation for patient. 


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