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    God please spare my son’s life and take mine instead – Christian Atsu’s 71-year-old mother weeps

    I can’t imagine the mental and psychological torture Christian Atsu’s immediate family is currently going through at the moment.

    It’s certainly a bad time to be a mother whose child can still not be found following the earthquake in Turkey and the northern part of Syria which has since claimed the lives of over 500 people.

    Currently, there are two strong contradicting reports on the internet concerning the player’s present condition.

    While some journalists claim he has been found, others also say otherwise but one thing can be confirmed without a shred of don’t which is, no one has gotten into physical contact with the player.

    Following the news, Peace FM’s Dan Kwaku Yeboah paid a visit to Christian Atsu’s family house at Ogbojo in Accra.

    The atmosphere in the house was one of mixed feelings as many of the family members found it difficult to contain their emotions.

    In a statement, the 71-year-old woman who is the younger sister of Atsu’s late mother, strongly opined that it would have been better for her to lose her life instead her son.

    “It will be better for me if I lose my life and Atsu’s lives because he is everything to us. He is our only hope. I could not sleep when I heard the news. We have been praying throughout”, she said.

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