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    I was sabotaged during my show in the Northern Region – Sista Afia

    Sista Afia has expressed disappointment over the outcome of her Queen Solomon Concert held at the Aliu Mahama Sports Stadium in Tamale, citing a lack of participation by Northern Region artists and the deliberate obstruction by certain individuals.

    According to Sista Afia, the absence of Northern Region’s top stars, such as Fancy Gadam, on the bill, led to the sabotage of her show.

    She alleged that electric plugs were repeatedly disconnected from their sockets during the concert, causing blackouts on stage even before she performed.

    “The whole show was sabotaged because I didn’t have Fancy or one other artiste on the bill. So they kept removing the plugs. When I stepped on stage, after 2 seconds, they took the plug, and all the lights went back off. They kept doing it even before I went on stage,” she said.

    She also stated that all necessary procedures were followed to ensure a successful concert, but the expected outcomes were not achieved.

    Sista Afia also disclosed that she had contacted Macassio and Fancy Gadam for their involvement, but they failed to show up.

    “We did everything possible. I mean, we did the prom, and we met the Chiefs. We did everything you are supposed to do when it comes to Tamale.

    “We contacted Fancy. I contacted both of them. Then he (Fancy) gave me an amount that I have to pay, and we bargained. And the minute I was about to pay, he wasn’t answering my text,” she added.

    The concert, which featured several renowned musicians such as Medikal, Kwame Yogot, Mr Drew, Sefa, Lasmid, Ataaka, Wiz Child, Fadlan, LilWin, and others, was intended to promote and celebrate the talents of artists in the Northern Region.

    Sista Afia concluded by expressing her disappointment and called for more support and cooperation from Northern Region artists and stakeholders to promote the growth of the music industry in the region.


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