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    Notorious Land Guard Arrested

    Information reaching the media suggests that a notorious Land guard who had for a long period of time, been terrorizing residents of Borteyman has been apprehended by officers the Ghana Police Service.

    The said land guard popularly known as Captain Abu who claims to be a National Security Operative was arrested together with some other persons suspected to be land guards after they assaulted a worker on a designated security zone which prompted a swift action from the security agencies and led to his arrest.

    It would be recalled that, several complaints had been made by residents on violent actions including robberies, causing fear and panic, breaching the peace of residents as well as land guard activities allegedly perpetrated by the arrested Captain Abu suspected and his cohort of other Land guards.

    The media is interested in this matter and will follow keenly on later developments. We therefore entreat the Police to do their work dutifully.

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