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    Provide Official Traveling Report - Security Expert Tells Government Institutions

    A top Security expert Nana Ofori Atta recommends enacting a law requiring all government entities to furnish an audited official travel financial report to the Auditor General. 

    According to him, this measure would result in significant savings for the country, allowing funds to be directed towards developmental projects. 

    Additionally, he asserts that the Auditor General's investigation into government officials' trips from January to November 2023 would bolster the government's commitment to transparency and accountability.

    In an interview, he emphasized the need for a law mandating all government institutions to submit audited official travel financial reports to the Ghanaian Auditor General from January to November 2023 for clarity.

     He highlighted the staggering amount of money spent on officials' accommodations, air tickets, per diem, and allowances during this period, surpassing the cumulative expenses over their seven years in office. 

    This sum, he argued, could cover Ghana's financial needs obtained from the IMF, underscoring the urgency to address and rectify such excessive expenditures.

    He further emphasized, "Considerable funds are being squandered in this regard, funds that could otherwise be allocated to the development of other sectors. It is imperative that we scrutinize these matters promptly to safeguard our dear nation."

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