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Age cheating halts players growth – Didi Dramani

Coach Mas-Ud Didi Dramani

Former head coach of Kumasi Asante Kotoko, Didi Dramani believes many football players have been crippled in their development because they did not use their right chronological age.

Age cheating in Ghana and in Africa has been a major issue of contention; many players couldn’t get to the peak after a promising start of their career due to wrong use of age.

The Black Queens trainer disclosed the need to know the right age of your players in order to put them in right perspective so as to aid their development.

“People are cheating in the age which impedes on their development because the game of football is all about the age. The age cuts in with your talent so if you don’t place the person in the right chronological age.

“I am one person who doesn’t take the issue of age cheating lightly because the game of football is very scientific.

Dramani also highlighted the need to emplace mechanism to measure the progress of our football as well as serve as reference points to gather information on the players.

“We have to put in place a database so as to serve as reference point as well as monitoring the progress of our football. Ghana has lost many players due to our inability to emplace this mechanism,” he added.